Jacqueline DeVoe
Teaching & Coaching
New England Conservatory
photo courtesy of New England Conservatory

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Resume

My approach to teaching is to devise specific ways to maximize each student’s potential to love, understand and perform music.

In more than 3 decades of teaching I have observed that even the most talented students need motivation and guidance to flourish. I develop individual methods adapted to meet each student’s learning style and flute proficiency. As a result, my youngest students are playing in advanced ensembles and my most accomplished students have continued their studies at Ivy League schools and top national and international conservatories.

Continuing or resuming flute studies provides great pleasure for older students as well. On either a regular schedule or in occasional consultations, I enjoy working with adult students individually or in chamber music ensembles.

  Jacqueline DeVoe  

Jackie DeVoe is a really fine coach for chamber music ensembles of adult amateurs. As one who clearly fits both categories, I can say so from personal experience. Jackie has the right combination of expertise and patience for such groups, and she's very skilled at conveying her ideas.

Jim Whipple, amateur horn player, Boston

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